Sarpe surgery timeline

I know some people are wrecks and are actually having a breakdown but I was so relieved that something was finally happening that I just wanted to get going. I slept pretty well the night before the surgery and only on the morning of the surgery was I thrown a bit into anxiety.

sarpe surgery timeline

This was only as a result of the hospital calling me and asking where I was and that I should have been there at 7am. So for that short time the dreadful feeling that I would not be having surgery was invading my conscience. I arrived in good time to the hospital feeling calm and prepared with my new hospital bag all neatly packed and my eyebrows newly shaped I was ready! I cannot applaud enough the anaesthetic team at Eastbourne hospital.

Their professionalism and understanding were amazing. One of the really big things I was worrying about on the day was the fact that I had my period. I am hoping by writing about my positive experience that I will put other women at ease. So, as I say, on the day of the surgery I had my period. It was day 2 of my cycle and I was at my heaviest flow. All I could imagine was flooding during surgery and not being able to deal with my IT my self afterwards as I was probably going to be woozy from the anaesthetic.

I explained this to the anaesthestist and she was brilliant and suggested I take a sanitary towel down to theatre with me, where the theatre staff tucked it next to me. We are at the mercy of someone else taking total control of our body. You do not lose a sense of time when you sleep.

When you have a GA, you are in an induced state of unconsciousness. To all intents and purposes you may as well be dead!! Heavenly heaven. I have a shite circulation with hands and feet that are deathly to the touch. Because of this I am THE bedsocks and hot blanket queen. The other notable thing which happened to me in recovery was that I suddenly had a really bad bout of hiccups. I literally hiccuped for 45 minutes non-stop.

But then again maybe not since I was still on oxygen. Me being me, I Googled on my return home about post anaesthesia and hiccups and whether this is a regular occurrence. Hiccups after Anaesthesia click to find out more. As after any major surgery, you have to spend some time in hospital recovering.

Thank goodness I got away with the standard one-night. As I anticipated, it was not a good night.Here I have included some tips from my own personal experience. Everybody reacts differently to surgery, some people take a while to wake up, others wake up quickly like me. Some may feel pain more than others, some people may feel more uncomfortable, but hopefully a few of these tips will help:.

It took a while for my nurse to get me one. It is a lot easier to squirt liquid, especially when they dissolve your medication in water, into your mouth. Because everything from your cheeks down to your chin is completely numb, including your tongue, it is incredibly difficult to drink.

So remember those syringes! This is mainly for when you get home. I was bleeding quite profusely from my nose and gum wounds for a while after I got home about 4 — 7 days. Another story from the hospital — the nurse came in and told me the swelling was getting worse, so she tied an ice pack around my head. I was ok but did feel a little blue for a few days after surgery. I did find it a bit difficult to make sure I drank the things I should, but I made sure I did. However, I must admit that I went out with my Mum to take my dog for a walk 2 days after surgery, then by myself 6 days after surgery.

And if you need to talk to someone, even if its your orthodontist, then DO! I only used it when it was frozen and it really helped with the discomfort during the night this is when I felt it the most.

Maybe get two so one can be in the freezer whilst the other is keeping you comfortable. When I woke up, my eyes would start stinging and burning which was incredibly painful. I never found out why this happened, but something to be prepared for. Would you recommend staying in the hospital overnight after surgery? Hi Rachel!

They told me I could possibly go home that night depending on how I felt.

sarpe surgery timeline

I really wanted to go home to be with my Mum but because I found it difficult to take in fluids and they thought I had a slight fever…. But it just turned out one ear is hotter than the other… Lolthe nurses wanted me to stay to make sure I was drinking enough. I have to admit, I did not like staying in the hospital — all the machines, noises, other people, lack of sleep — was very daunting, especially when visitors had to go home.

But it was the best place for me at that particular time. I would say that it is up to you and how you feel after coming round from the surgery. And also vice versa. Maybe you could give the hospital a quick ring and explain your concerns? Hi Kim, thanks so much for your reply and advice I truly appreciate it.

I have to fly out of town to get my surgery done so if I decide to leave that night after surgery I will be heading back to my hotel room. I get a call tomorrow from a nurse who will go over the procedure with me and interview me with some medical questions. Now that I have read up more about peoples experiences and the pain from the sarpe surgery makes me rethink that I should stay in the hospital.

Surgically Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion

I know your right about everyone handles pain differently but I am now thinking it would be nice to have a nurse on call if I become in severe pain. Hopefully I can take up that concern with the nurse tomorrow. Hi Kim!Befores on left :. Well, I am one year, 3 months post op today! My braces were removed 3 weeks ago December I am very happy with my new bite, new side profile, new nose and chin, and new teeth! I do not currently have feeling in half of my lower lip, and a large circle on my chin.

Everything else returned around 3 months-6 months post op! Unfortunately, from the nine years of braces and five surgeries, I lost quite a lot of bone and gum tissue, and as a result most of my upper teeth wiggle. On January 31st, I will be going under for my final surgery where I will have two implants placed, and an implanted bridge consisting of 8 upper teeth will be attached to the implants. Therefore, I will have all brand new upper teeth!

My site is private but just request a follow or send me a message! I tried to document as many photos as I could along the way to show how much the swelling decreased, as I know this is a main concern of many who undergo this surgery. At weekI was able to chew very soft foods like pasta, lasagna, chicken noodle soup, pudding, etc.

I lost The first two weeks truly are the worst. I had my really bad day as most do on day 5, and it only got a little bit better everyday after that. Just make it past day five and you will be smooth sailing!

We arrived in Toronto at am as we were instructed to be there 2 hours prior to surgery which was at am. I stopped eating at 10pm the following evening. After registering, we went up to the 4th floor and I was immediately given a gown, a house coat, slippers, underwear, and a hair net.

The routine before surgeries is extremely redundant. You will be asked hundreds of time what your name is, what procedure you are there for, allergies, medications, etc. The nurse will ask. The anesthesiologist will ask. The interns and residents will ask. Your surgeon will ask. It is a very long two hours of being a nervous wreck, bombarded by hundreds of questions. The week leading up to surgery, though, was a completely different story.Hi Andy, Thanks for your blog this is really helpful.

I am currently considering bi-maxillary jaw surgery and orthodontics in Sydney and trying to figure out the cost! Do you mind if I ask what health fund you are with?

Many thanks, Louise. Hi Louise Sorry for responding to your comment so late - it's been a really busy couple of weeks. To be honest I'm not really sure at this stage how much they will pay towards the bi-max, but you should remember that Medicare pay a good benefit as well. And then your health fund will also pay towards the hospital and anaesthetic part of the surgery too. Depends on what is involved with each case though.

I hope this has been a help. I think its a much better investment than a car and people including me could easily spend more on a car. Hi Andy, first of all thank you for your blog extremely helpful and sorry for my english but I m learning.

sarpe surgery timeline

I m italian and I m 30, it is a life I m waiting to do your same surgery and now I m in Sydney w a sponsorship so I can't go back in Italy to do itit s really important for me to start now and put the word end to this problem which influenced my entire life and go back to smile to the people and for the first time feel confident so I decided to do it here knowing I will have to pay all the process entirely without receive any money back. I don't know where I can start and which doctor to trust so I thought that the best way was to contact someone who has already done this surgery here for help, any kind we can meet up somewhere for a coffee or if you could direct me in the right way.

Thank you very much. It is really important. Hi Giacomo Sorry for the late reply. I am now only just eating to the comments and updating the blog after far too long. Did you decide to go ahead with this yet or find someone? Hi Andy We are both pretty much in the same boat, and I am also from Sydney. I was told yesterday that by the time I had the braces, I should have extraction of third molars or wisdom teeth and SARME to expand my maxillary arch within the first three months of having braces then I will have a bimaxillary osteotomy jaw surgery after 12 months.

However since I have started visiting my oral surgeon at Westmead Hospital since for consultations and investigations, I haven't paid anything, not even a single cent, and is fully covered by Medicare. My surgeon also told me that the third molars extraction, SARME and the whole jaw surgery itself will be covered by medicare through the public health system.

I have private insurance, but my surgeon advise me to just do it in a public hospital to avoid out of pocket expenses. And he said that because it is a long treatment plan, we can arrange a date for surgery for next year as early as now so lining up in the waiting list will not be an issue since that jaw surgery is supposed to be done next year anyway. I only have to pay for the braces itself since it is a private practice.

Is your oral surgeon based on a private clinic? Nonetheless, I will keep visiting your blog and keep us updated. I am also thinking of putting up a blog for my jaw surgery journey so to speak. Might also consider joining and participating in online community of jaw surgery patients. Let's inspire each other! Am sure it's gonna be worth it in the end! Hi Kristian I was very interested to ready your comment and am pretty sure that your oral surgeon has given you some incorrect information or that maybe you have mis-understood what he has said.

I have done lots of research on on public vs private treatment and unless you fall into a special income bracket or special category in terms of medicare benefits - it is not fully covered.It is a technique in the field of orthodontics which is used to expand the maxillary arch.

This technique is a combination of both Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Orthodontics.

SARPE Surgery Complications

This procedure is primarily done in adult patients whose maxillary sutures are fused and cannot be expanded via other techniques. Orthodontic expansion was first described by Emersen Angell about years ago.

Kole in was the first person to speak about the procedure of corticotomy in adults with maxillary constriction. SARPE is performed to address the transverse dimension changes in a patient. Sometimes this surgery is followed by Le Fort 1 in a second surgery to address the vertical and the anterior-posterior changes.

How to survive SARPE surgery

Between the two surgeries, a patient's constricted maxillary arch is expanded with the rapid maxillary expander device placed in the maxilla. For the first surgery, under local anaesthesia and iv sedation or general anesthesiaa patient first goes through Le Fort fracture of skull without the downfracture of maxilla.

The oral surgeon also performs the midpalatal osteotomy to allow the break in the inter-maxillary suture. The surgeon, while performing the LeFort 1 osteotomy, may separate the pterygoid plates during this procedure. This separation of the plates is termed as Pterygomaxillary disjunction PMD.

Some of the surgeons are cautious in their approach to separate the pterygoid processes due to a risk of injury to pterygoid plexus. Sangsari et al.

From the 3 studies that were included in their criteria, they concluded that the literature is inconclusive regarding the effect of PMD on the outcomes of SARPE and that further controlled trials are needed. The procedure of SARPE was done with pterygoid plate separation to achieve the transverse expansion of the maxilla. The authors observed skeletal changes of about mm and these changes were stable.

They also stated that post-surgical relapse with SARPE was similar to the changes in dental arch dimensions after non-surgical rapid palatal expansion, and also quite similar to dental arch changes after segmental maxillary osteotomy for expansion.

Therefore, the stability of the procedure is not superior to other known expansion techniques. Contrary to the newer studies, a study performed in by Northway et al. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Part 1. New Series. Journal of Oral Surgery. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. The Angle Orthodontist. CO;2 inactive Categories : Orthodontics. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links.I have a first consult with a surgeon soon and your blog has been helpful.

I wondered why did you need you upper jaw widened? Is this usual? Hi Will Thanks for reading and for your comment. I haven't updated the blog in a while and I will be doing that this weekend. To answer your question - it was only the upper jaw I had widened - and yes it is quite normal. Lower jaws can be widened but this is a much more complex procedure.

My lower jaw is wide enough and it's just the teeth that need rotating out a little. Good luck with your consult. Who are you seeing? Hi, Andy! As always, you never fail to let us in on the details of your journey. Well, I got to say that the changes are impressive. And true to what you say, seeing your jaw widen and adjust this much only means that you are gaining progress and doing the right thing.

sarpe surgery timeline

Please continue to update us! Lindsay Smile by Design. Still on the journey but I love the results so far. Thanks for reading and for your supportive words.

I'm contemplating getting surgery for my upper jaw to be widened before having braces in order to have that perfect smile. But i'm not sure if its all worth it. Haha yes - it may look scary but honestly it's fine. My gap was actually a lot bigger than you see in the second picture, because by this point I had bonded material to my front teeth to make the gap look smaller while closing.Wednesday, 15 July Wonky wonky!

T his picture was taken about 4 months post SARPE surgery and although the gap is closing good times! This wasn't a particularly good part of the whole journey as I always felt a bit like a witch! Luckily I had the best family friends and boyf around me who somehow always found a way to make me still feel pretty.

Thank you all so much! Posted by Natalie at 4 comments:. Wow what an overbite! I wanted to upload this image as it really does show the e xtent of my overbite! Posted by Natalie at No comments:. Goodbye Torture device!!! This was a good day for me! The chunky evil torture device which made we slur and lisp was finally replaced by something a lot more friendly and inconspicuous, woop!

It felt so nice to be able to touch the roof of my mouth with my tongue again and great to be able to say cheese instead of scheeze!

I used Corsodol an antibacterial mouthwash for about weeks after surgery when you're only meant to use it for a maximum of Still, nothing my dentist couldn't sort out as you'll see later. As the teeth moved inwards the fake tooth got filed and I became happier! I remember feeling a bit like a horse at this time I knew it would get better though!

Luckily, when I went back to the orthodontist a couple of weeks after we had stopped turning, I think they felt a little sorry for me due to the size of the gap and very kindly had a fake tooth made up for me:0 Although when you look closely it looks a bit weird as it's just one pretty large tooth floating in the middle attached to a brace bracket only it did really help with the initial shock when people saw me, so thank you Shivani ; my lovely orthodontist!

Closing the gap! So not only could we not start closing the gap until 6 weeks after we had stopped turning, but I really didn't realise quite how long it would take to close and that it wouldn't close very attractively! To be honest, anything after having a gap that big was a positive so although it took a loooonnnng time for my teeth to be back together I have to say that I kinda got used to it as did the people around me.

Posted by Natalie at 1 comment:. Tuesday, 7 July The Brace! So, a day after I had stopped turning I was finally ready for the brace! Yes I look hideous but at least with the brace it looked like I was having something done rather than just looking like I had no front teeth.

Double Jaw Surgery

The bar across the gap was a bit of a shock but there's no other way! Now all I wanted was for the gap to close but now that my palate was at it's desired width I had to wait for new bone to form which would mean at least 6 weeks of the dreaded gap before they even tried to close it Posted by Natalie at 3 comments:.

Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. The Brace! The Sarpe Gap I am now 25 and have just started this blog July after I have just been through double jaw surgery. My journey started with SARPE Surgically assisted rapid palatal expansion followed by train track braces for 18 months followed by jaw surgery I have started this blog to provide information and support for others going through or thinking of going through a similar thing.

Please feel free to follow my journey or contact me at any time. Natxx View my complete profile.

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